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Furaha Study Center

International aid programs for African countries often ignore, or pretend to ignore, that the continent’s economic development necessarily involves overcoming the devastating consequences that colonialism has caused from a human point of view. The future of Africa passes through the decolonization of minds and the recovery of its vast spiritual and cultural riches. Furaha Study Centre aims to promote the rediscovery of the culture and spirituality of African populations, to offer Christians a ‘liberating’ and inculturated understanding of the Gospel, and to promote dialogue and collaboration between religions. In the slums, Furaha Study centre carries out in-depth courses of African cultures for secondary school students, courses of Popular Reading of the Bible especially for Christians, and offer Muslims the necessary support for them to develop an adequate knowledge of their faith and share it with the others. This experience lived by the people becomes, afterwards, a subject of research by some scholars of the Study centre for the benefit of a larger community.

Pepea Trust

Pepea Trust



The Pepea Foundation (Pepea Trust) received a land of 450 square meters. So we decided to put it on service of slum dwellers.