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Deep Sea place of activities

The people who live in the Dee Sea slum are people who come from the villages with the hope of finding a higher paying job in the city, because by staying in the villages there is no hope of improving their living conditions. These are people ready to do anything to earn a few dollars more to support other members of their family and maybe realize the dream of building a real house in the village. These people are also ready to live in inhumant living conditions next to the neighborhoods of the wealthy people of Nairobi in the hope that someone will be hired as a cook, gardener, night watchman, etc. part of the public domain and have a great economic value because they are located in the rich neighborhoods of the city and therefore subject to continuous attempts of embezzlement by the cleverest. Illicit plans by some profiteers who intend to grab these lands end up with the demolition of the slum without these people being guaranteed another place to live. In addition to the demolitions, people also face a whole series of arson attacks. The possibility should not be ruled out that sometimes they are also real accidents due to overcrowding and the precarious positioning of energy sources (electric wires, coal, liquid propane in gas cylinders, etc …). It is not uncommon to witness the death of people who are burned alive because it becomes impossible to reach them and save them for the massing of the barracks.

The structure that will arise

Pepea Trust has been given, from a farmer, a 450 square meters piece of land as a donation; it could really become a place of ‘salvation’ for the dispossessed of Deep Sea, on their way to those liberation paths just described. According to the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, peoples can achieve freedom and happiness only by residing in a place where particular conditions are fulfilled. In the Old Testament, Israel’s freedom from slavery finds its fulfilment in the Promised Land; while at the end of the New Testament humanity is welcomed into the city of the Heavenly Jerusalem. We are aware that it would be only a very small sign of ‘restitution’, however this tiny sign could trigger a movement capable of involving many other people and realities.
Our goal is therefore to build a structure that can, at least partially, satisfy the needs required by the ongoing activities.

The fact that the structure will belong to a trust guarantees that no one will be able to change its purposes, which comply with the statutory purposes of the trust.
The construction should have the following requirements:

1) a conference room, that can also function as refectory and liturgical hall;
2) a kitchen that can also be used to prepare culinary products for sale;
3) bedrooms for abandoned children, disable people and carers or educators;
4) a room for medical assistance;
5) two classrooms for primary and secondary school pupils;
6) a tailoring room;
7) a room to devote to the study centre for theology and African culture;
8) bedrooms for guests and volunteers;
9) the laundry room.

Since the land available is too small to have all these facilities, the building will
necessarily have several floors.

Pepea Trust

Pepea Trust

Pepea Trust

Pepea Trust



The Pepea Foundation (Pepea Trust) received a land of 450 square meters. So we decided to put it on service of slum dwellers.