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Africa Pendaneni Limited

The people of the slum live in miserable conditions and often, doing undeclared jobs for a whole day, cannot earn more than $ 2. Without the creation of decent jobs it is impossible to hope for any kind of change. To this end, we have set up a company, Afrika Pendaneni Limited, whose profit is shared equally among the workers. For some time, our company was able to provide a pay of approximately $ 4.50, for 6 working hours a day, to 13 people. This pay has significantly changed the lives of many women who have thus been able to buy pots, sheets and even pay school fees for some of their children. The best thing about this company is that all women hired participate fully in the decision-making process; we have the presumption to propose a different way of doing business. We produce washable natural cotton pads and nappies according to the model designed by ‘Ama Tu Luna’. Women are also able to produce different culinary products such as cacioricotta, an Apulian cheese, but the hygienic conditions of the slum do not allow us to put it on the market. If we had a couple of hygienically safe rooms, they could produce not only clothing but also a whole series of culinary products and would really be able, together with many other women, to get out of the state of misery.

Pepea Trust

Pepea Trust



The Pepea Foundation (Pepea Trust) received a land of 450 square meters. So we decided to put it on service of slum dwellers.